Looking to improve your diet?

Fruits and vegetables can be intimidating to anyone unfamiliar (and if we’re being honest that is a bigger percentage of the population than we realize) ,however they are nothing to be afraid of. There is a plentiful amount of options to find the fruits and even the vegetables that you can easily enjoy. After working in a top notch produce department for a few years I hope I can offer some assistance into understanding the significance of including these amazing foods into your diet.

fruits and veggiesWhy is produce important?

Fruits and veggies are full of nutrients and vitamins that are essential to healthy maintenance of the body. A healthy vegetarian diet can reduce your chance for chronic diseases and reduce your risk for heart disease. A diet that is plentiful in produce can help prevent type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney stones, and can decrease bone loss.

Tips for a healthier diet.

First off, a tip to achieving a healthy diet is watching your liquid intake. Lot’s of water is a must and losing the unnecessary liquids such as juice, soda, and beer are key to a healthier you. Another essential is to start eating at home and quit eating out so often. Start cooking your own meals and start eating healthy snacks throughout the day. For example, I like to snack on nuts such as walnuts and almonds(which are high in protein). Some of my favorite fruits to snack on throughout the day include stone fruits such as yellow and white peaches as well as the many different variations of nectarines, apples and not the tasteless red delicious or gala, I prefer apples such as gold opals, the envy, or a crisp smitten. Cooking from home can be a challenge to anyone who hasn’t grown up being taught the basics of cooking, but learning to incorporate produce into your home cooking will greatly improve your health and if done correctly can save you your hard earned money. One of my favorite meals is a surprisingly easy salad, simply pick a box of your favorite greens (mine being spinach), I like to add some shredded carrots and red cabbage, throw in some cranberries and walnuts, maybe add some avocado, and go with a light dressing such as a homemade olive oil and vinaigrette and voila you have a healthy vegetarian dinner, no cooking required. However, in this instance I would recommend staying away from store bought dressing as they tend to be high in fat and calorie content.         

Keeping an open mind.

I know the convenience of being able to stop at a fast food joint on the way home from a long day at work, but maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet can be a very rewarding experience and will improve your life and mental health. When you keep an open mind you will be more inclined to come up with different ways to prepare the produce you enjoy and try a new meal at home. This is important in this day and age. The key to all of this is consistency. Try to commit yourself to maintaining a healthy vegetarian lifestyle and eating most if not all your meals at home. Keeping an open mind will help you achieve this and with tools such as the internet you really have no excuse because there is a library of information at your fingertips to access recipes and tips to preparing foods at home.